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Coercive Predatory Capitalism

Coercive Predatory Capitalism (CPC) – the root of all evil: An economic system which creates economic activity of no use or benefit to the people forced to pay for it. The battle of our time is to stop CPC. Freedom, prosperity, and peace is within reach it we Stand-Unite-Make It Right.

CPC explained

OPTUS Outage Confirms Cash Is King

The OPTUS Outage has made very clear that our ability to make financial transactions must not be dependent on the supply of internet and electrical services. There are multiple threats that could see similar outages. The most severe of which could stop services for weeks or more. The BRN submission to this inquiry shows why governments must stop the War On Cash and limit the ability of banks to manipulate our financial system to suit their agenda of maximising profits at the country's expense. Our freedoms and rights are at risk unless cash is preserved as a critical element of our economy.

Over and out

Voice Lost

Right now it is very likely the Voice will not be approved by the majority of Aussie voters and it probably will not be approved in any State. Both major parties have for decades ignored the will of the people. They do have a habit of only listening to certain voices and pushing certain agendas - agendas that serve elite interests.

Why Would Albo Listen

Albo Jumps The Shark

The major parties are in lockstep on the critical issues. The old Torie fighting Albo is nowhere to be seen. The ALP and LNP - two wings of the same bird. Our freedoms and rights are an illusion .... just like our Democracy. The rulers treat us like serfs. Check out these eight issues. Do you think Albo is working in the country's interests?

Albo Jumps The Shark

Free Speech Under Attack

The Albanese government is going along with the global push to silence views which oppose the approved narrative. The Combatting Misinformation Bill must be thrown into the dustbin of history. Here we present some key excerpts from the BRN submission. The complete pdf can be downloaded including some revelatory material in the appendices.

Free Speech

Banking Must Change

It's time to change the way banks operate. It's all here: a people's bank; how to manage the risk of bank failure and even better how to prevent them. The Senate inquiry into regional bank closures was a great opportunity to spread the word about critical reforms. Banking must change to a system that supports the interests of the people and country. This is an emergency and if we don't act now we face a very bleak future. We will own nothing and be very unhappy .... just the way our rulers want. These reforms help turn the tables ..... a first step to the rulers owning nothing and being miserable.

Bank Failure Rescue Guide

The Last Emperor - King Charles lll

The passing of a much loved leader brings a great opportunity for reform and rejuvenation for Australia and other nations with a longstanding relationship with the United Kingdom. In this hard hitting article we spill the beans on the Age of Empire. It is time for the people to snatch back their power, freedom and rights before the globalists impose their long planned for cashless authoritarian surveillance state. Are you going to wait until they mandate microchip injections or social credit scores that limit how you spend your time and money before you demand change?

The end of Empire

It's Time

Just about all the major problems we face have been caused by politicians and governments that pretend to care about their populations. What seem like stupid and irrational decisions can only be understood when we realise that they are made to serve the interests of the Empire. The "Kings" and "Queens" of a large portion of the world - the rulers - the 0.1% - the elite. Call them whatever you like.

Here we expose the information the rulers don't want their subjects to know. We also show what needs to be done to secure your country's freedom from the age of exploitation. It's time.

Are you ready and willing to insist that your politicians serve the interests of you and your loved ones?

The Kings and Queens Still Rule

Election 2022 - Stop the machines

Both major parties serve elite interests ..... and always will. This election is the most important ever because it might just be our last chance to stop politicians and their party machines turning Australia into a dystopian, cashless, authoritarian, technocratic, totalitarian police/surveillance state. Are you sick of the games, lies and systemic corruption that infests two party politics here and in other nations?

Politicians who are stuck in the old ways of – vote buying – tax & spend sleight of hand manipulations – phony policies & promises – corrupt deal making with corporate donors – us versus them divisive politics – are just tinkering around the edges. Real reform requires bold, innovative and new thinking.

Before you vote for any politician check if they support the BRN policy prescription.

The ALP and LNP will be lucky to get more than a 25% primary vote this year. Take care and make sure the independents and minor party candidates you support are fair dinkum. Here is what you'll likely want them to commit to.

The Machine Men Want To Rule

No More War

War is a crime against humanity. On the 75th Anniversary of the end of WW2 it is worth thinking about what we have allowed the rulers to do to fundamental freedoms and rights. We are very much still living in a war economy. If the money used for war was invested in peace there would be no need for chaos and war. Follow the money and it is very easy to see how the people of the world have been robbed, lied to and abused by the 0.1%.

Time for peace

Pollies Will Pay For Cash Ban

It's time to kill the CASH BAN Bill. Many pollies are too thick to realise the full story about caving into banker demands to kill off cash. Aussies want to live in freedom. Rights have been destroyed by pollies for decades - the Cash Ban is the final straw. Attacks on journalists & whistleblowers. Surveillance state & other attacks on privacy. Corrupt donations to parties. Unaffordable housing. Cost of living pressures. These are all signs of Australia going off the rails. Enough..!! Get active and put pollies in their place. They serve us .... not the bankers.

This article explains the danger and government lies .... plus gives you some downloads to help you contact MPs and Senators.

Cash Is King - Not ScoMo

The Takedown Of Australia

In a country as wealthy as Australia why are we seeing such horrific suicide figures - particularly amongst farmers, veterans and our young? Why are so many struggling with cost of living pressures - particularly housing? We are seeing such hardships because our economic system is structured to CRIMINALLY extract as much wealth as possible from the people and their country. Australians have noticed a gradual loss of core freedoms and rights as well as an attack on the nation's sovereignty. This is a worldwide phenomenon and it stems from a battle between competing criminal cartels using politics and finance as a weapon of abuse, exploitation and control. Try this thought experiment - think of Australia as a town run by an organised crime ring. AND then see what has happened to Australia - all is not as rosy as pollies and bankers told us for the last 30 years - especially before elections.

Australia - run by the crooks - for the crooks

Stand - Unite - Make It Right. The Launch

Election 2019 is our chance to show we are not falling for the two party run around again. Both major parties serve the elite. Both parties have had decades to make a big difference in bringing about a fair go for most of us. Right now most of us are sick of the games, lies and systemic corruption that infests two party politics here and in other nations.

Politicians who are stuck in the old ways of – vote buying – tax & spend sleight of hand manipulations – phony policies & promises – corrupt deal making with corporate donors – us versus them divisive politics – are just tinkering around the edges. Real reform requires bold, innovative and new thinking. That is what BRN's SUMIR program offers.

Send out the clowns

Hayne Covers Up More Than He Reveals

Commissioner Hayne took on a role that deliberately limited his chances of successfully exposing the serious misconduct and crimes bankers are engaging in and profiting from. While there are some good suggestions for reforms in his report - he is really tinkering around the edges. While many in the media are keen to analyse what he has come up with - the real story is what he didn't look at.

Here we present some opinions re: his work but we also are keen to consider the areas that were not properly investigated ... or ignored. There is more work to do if Australians want a finance system that exists to serve their interests. That is a very different beast to the one that Hayne has been investigating.

Banking Royal Commission Hayne Exposed

Emperors Stripped By RC's Rowena Orr

BRN and the merry bank warriors came to Sydney for Round 7 of the Hayne Banking Royal Commission. CBA, Westpac and ASIC were in the dock. QC Rowena Orr stripped the Emperors of finance bare. It was painful. How do these characters even think they deserve to be paid multi million dollar salaries?

Scandals, incompetence, chicanery, greed, deception all laid out forensically by the brilliant Counsel Assisting Rowena Orr. There is a cancer in our finance sector and it is killing our country. We need people like Ms Orr to cut it out. We cannot be free until the disease is cured. The Royal Commission needs to be longer and stronger. There are other players in the sector - including ex-CEOs - that require Ms Orr's healing touch and attention.

Rowena Orr - Banking Royal Commission

Albo The Gaslighter

How many times did PM Albanese  make it clear that the Stage 3 Tax changes were going to be implemented as planned and agreed to by both major parties? The main problem is not that he is deceptive - they all are. The bigger problem was that there were no tax cuts or cost of living relief at all. In fact he has locked in tax rises. But that isn't even the worst of it. The whole tax system itself is a criminal operation enriching the rulers. We need some decent MSM journos on the case to expose the fallacy about the need for taxation in its current form. Here is a clue - in 1913 USA - the Income Tax was established at the same time as the Federal Reserve. You might be able work out the rest.

The government and the banks caused the inflation, interest rate rises, and cost of living disaster. People seriously think pollies work for them?


End Of The Road For ASIC

Yet another Senate inquiry into ASIC has been running this year. We believe ASIC has failed in its role. A corporate watchdog that hasn't got teeth will never do the job required. Corporate crimes will only diminish when perpetrators face serious consequences and punishments for their crimes & misconduct. ASIC should be subject to significant reform or axed. Corporate crooks need to know that their victims will be properly compensated and their ill-gotten gains will be confiscated as they are being placed in a jail cell.

This approach puts in place a powerful incentive for companies and their staff to participate in the market with honesty and higher level ethics.

ASIC Fails - all parties agree

Budget Leak - 2022

Is this the biggest budget leak in Australian history ..... or is it the biggest fantasy? Does the ALP have the ticker for structural reform? This is the budget we have to have. Maybe it can help us stop the depression we certainly don't need to have.

Chalmers Budget We Had To Have

Access To Justice

Although flawed; Labor’s Promise to SME’s and Farmers was the first time that a major party committed to start building a fence at the top of the cliff. All we have had, up till now, is a hearse at the bottom of the cliff, that carted selected corpses off to the coroner’s ASIC and APRA for post-mortem. Even then they only retrieve some of the bodies, most who fell, or were herded by AFCA, or were pushed by a Bank, ended up in a mass grave and forgotten. On the rare occasion when a consumer did survive the fall, mortally injured they are generally ignored, or worse placated. Damaged, broke and disillusioned, they wander in a form of limbo, in search of some form of justice or even a friendly audience.

Michael Sanderson is an ex-farmer who lost his farm due to bank miscon­duct and AFCA being not fit for pur­pose. He is a foundation member of Bank Warriors and an Advisory Panel member of Bank Reform Now.

The Cliff

America Loses 2020 Election

Who thinks it makes much difference which party wins an election? Here we expose the harsh truth .... it's not a pretty picture but unless you know about the powers that run the show you'll keep hoping that your vote will make a difference in four years time. A two party structure gives the illusion of choice only. Real change comes with policies that returns power to the people.

War machine wins American Election

Perpetual AGM 2020

Perpetual performs better than others so far during the 2020 virtual AGM season but still leaves some important questions unanswered. A great effort and report from our warriors Rita Mazalevskis & Craig Caulfield.

Perpetual Virtual AGM 2020

Crown AGM 2020 - What A Gamble

Crown's board wasn't held accountable because the 2020 virtual AGM enabled the company to dodge the hard questions. A great report from Rita Mazalevskis

Crown AGM 2020

CBA AGM 2020 - A Classic Coverup

Craig Caulfield and the bank warriors keep up the pressure despite COVID restrictions. A proper Virtual AGM would allow shareholders to ask any appropriate question desired. There is no excuse for banks to filter and censor the discussion. The AGM is the best opportunity to point out bank problems. The bank boards and senior executives must be held accountable in a transparent fashion. Public scrutiny is essential to bring about reforms that will make the banks operate ethically and honestly.

A great report from Craig and the team. See the questions CBA did not want discussed. It's an eyeopener.

CBA 2020 Virtual AGM

The Freedom Budget

For your consideration - a worldwide crisis deserved a budget of serious reform. A cashless authoritarian surveillance state is being set up in front of our eyes. There is no conspiracy. It's in the open now. It's time to take a stand.

Here is the budget that could have been produced by a government wanting to really stop the coming depression and save the people's livelihoods, freedoms and rights.

Who do the "elected" leaders of most nations really work for?

Call that a budget?

Securitisation Scam Exposed

Some great research from Leon Ashby and the team on how the banks are double dipping to rip off clients after mortgages are bundled and sold. We knew it was bad but this just stinks.

Securitisation Scam

The Ultimate Revolution

The author of Brave New World showed us how authoritarians of the future would use science and technology to control the masses. Propaganda, mind control and some well planned (and timed) terrorism does the trick. And by 2020 the tools have been well & truly researched and perfected.


Deceitful Secret Revealed

A very special guest editorial from three titians in the battle for bank reform. Why didn’t the Royal Commission into Banking address the serious issues of securitization and its high risks when this was raised in many submissions?  Why do our Courts fail us so miserably with ridiculously unjust decisions when a Bank is involved? Why do governments allow these deceptive bank business practices? This article explains how the banks take advantage of their customers.

Securitization Revealed

Switch The Hit

Aussies have done well limiting the spread of the virus. Had Prime Minister Morrison acted a bit earlier on closing the border and putting in place an effective business hibernation we could have begun ending the partial shutdown in six to eight weeks - perhaps sooner in some regions. Decisions and timing matter .... big time.

The COVID-19 virus crisis brings a great opportunity for long overdue reforms that will transform and improve the lives of every Australian. BUT it all depends on whether our government puts the interests of the elite ahead of our interests. Right now the government is looking at Aussie families and small businesses taking a hit. Bank Reform Now says ...... SWITCH THE HIT..!!

Switch the hit

It's Crunch Time - Freedom or Slavery?

Australia faces  a crisis possibly much worse than the Great Depression. We can only survive it by working together with a Prime Minister (and other political leaders) that are brave, honest and intelligent. Now is the time for the nation's leadership to level with us. What is the truth about the way our laws, economy and society are structured?

The following questions demand an honest response from Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese.

The COVID-19 crisis will see the elite increase our debt and steal more of our country's wealth. The choice boils down to ..... Freedom or Slavery?

Flaming pitchforks are coming for the rulers

Business Hibernation to stop COVID-19 chaos

Morrison must lead effectively to save Australia from a massive health and economic crisis. Innovative policies such as the Business Hibernation will help. He must not play into the hands of vested interests that profit from Australian business collapses and rising, impossible to repay debt. The country is in grave danger if the wrong policies are put in place now. Who are the people and organisations advising Morrison? Once we know we can work out whose interests the policy prescriptions really serve.

No-one needs to go hungry, homeless or bankrupt if the crisis is handled well and compassionately.

Save businesses - let them hibernate

Virus Crisis - Act NOW

We have put together a set of suggested policies that could help Australia survive and thrive during and after the COVID-19 virus crisis. It is a modified shutdown with powerful protections - including a business hibernation program - to stop bankruptcies and home losses. We have put it into the form of the sort of speech we would have liked to see from the Prime Minister a few days ago. What do you think?

No-one needs to go hungry, homeless or bankrupt if the crisis is handled well and compassionately.

Time to hit reset

Morrison Is Finished

At certain times a nation's leader may have to handle a crisis. It is only then that you discover if a leader is made of the right stuff. Morrison is not a leader. Australia's fire crisis has proven that. Here we explain how he stuffed up and why he will step down well before the next election.

Morrison the wizard of Aus is now unelectable

Senate Refuses To Publish Cash Ban Submissions

The government is playing dirty to try and ram through the Cash Ban Bill. The Senate refused publication of thousands of submissions including the one from Bank Reform Now. We publish it here and encourage you to get active. Albanese and his ALP also want to ban cash. The only way we can stop the Bill is to force Scott Morrison to scrap it. We need to split the Liberal and National parties. Some of their members are opposed to it and the Victorian State branch voted against it recently. Time to take a stand against pollies working in the interests of foreign powers and organisations.

Senate pushes ahead with Cash Ban plan

Liberal Party In Name Only

For decades it's been very hard to tell the major parties apart. They have both presided over: the trampling of freedoms and rights; Australia being sold off; the gradual destruction of the nation's sovereignty; and of course - the loss of respect for politicians and the institutions that are supposed to work in the people's interests. Here we come to the realisation that the  Liberal Party has no interest in fundamental freedoms. We lay bare their hypocrisy and lies. It's not a pretty sight.

Two things must be done by LNP politicians that are not happy with the party's lurch toward authoritarianism. They must get Morrison to axe the Cash Ban Bill and they must see to it that the Speaker of the House changes the rules to allow peaceful protest inside Parliament House.

Liberal Party?

Financial Crimes No Longer Tolerable

This is a classic "truth to power" move from John Telford (VOFF) to Tim Wilson - Chair of the House Economics Committee. There have been too many financial scandals that have hurt hard working people who are saving for their retirement. It is no longer acceptable and if the government doesn't respond to reasoned discussion and peaceful protest then they will be held accountable. White collar criminals must be stripped of their assets and jailed. Victims of the Trio fraud are owed justice as are many others who have suffered from corporate criminals being allowed to get away with crimes by weak and compliant politicians.

The House Economics Committee - and indeed Josh Frydenberg - should now be insisting that banks claw back pay and bonuses ........ and "golden handshakes."

Tim Wilson has been informed about finance sector crimes

Protest Or Perish

BRN CEO threatened with eviction from Parliament House .... for wearing a T-Shirt. Is this what has become of Australia? Have we forgotten about cherished rights and freedoms? Will the Speaker of the House Tony Smith adjust the rules regarding protest? If people can't protest peacefully what are their alternatives?

While NAB's CEO Phil Chronican was in the dock at the House Economics Committee someone complained about a T-Shirt. This is what happened next ....

T-Shirt causes trouble in Parliament House

Bank AGM Campaign Ramps Up - 2019 Schedule

How do you reform the banks? You go behind enemy lines and attack head on with our most powerful weapon .... THE TRUTH..!! You present evidence, logic and facts. By working hard and smart you might just become unbeatable. The truth always wins in the end .... unfortunately for too many people it has taken way too long. The bank warrior AGM campaign is growing stronger and continues this year. Here is the 2019 schedule. After the events we will also add links to Video Highlights. Check the People Power - Bank AGMs - Round 1 link to see what was achieved last year.

AGM Campaign 2019

Frydenberg Breaks The Code

The Australian Banking Association released its new Code of Banking Practice on the 1st of July. This letter was to be sent to Treasurer Frydenberg a few days later but we decided to hang onto it while we monitored ASIC, Treasury and the banks. We have now sent this to the Treasurer and publish it here today because very soon the Senate will vote on a motion to disallow the new Code. Every Senator must vote to axe the code ..... here's why.......

Banking code has got to go

Justice Demands Action - Right Now

The finance sector has been shown to be operating in a way that harms customers and citizens in general. Criminals within the system have been allowed to profit from horrific abuses by not only bank CEOs and boards but also ASIC, the Bankers Association - and of course .... the politicians that they pretty much own and control. Everyone is affected - if people can't trust the government and the banks we really are done for.

The Banking Royal commission exposed the tip of the iceberg. Now is the time to push for reforms. This article gives you the tools you need to help get results. Political contact information - email addresses, phone & fax numbers. Plus policy positions that will change the finance sector and politics. If you want justice and a better future for your family work with us in an effective and coordinated campaign. It's a numbers game. A politician's main concern is keeping their seat. The aim here is to get MPs and Senators to publicly support policies that will benefit the people and country. Unless they publicly support you with speeches in the Parliament and media interviews they are not serious.

We have the power to turf them out. The number of people contacting them determines whether they take an issue seriously or not. Let's make 2019 the year we get justice.

Fight against corruption...

Election 2019 Commentary

Election surprise. The ALP has a real knack of choosing flawed characters to lead from opposition. Bill Shorten had baggage. The public never warmed to him or trusted him. Rudd's second coming relied on the party locking in the leader. What could go wrong?

Pollies at the beach


Bank Victims Horror Stories

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