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"The banking system is corrupt. The time has come to clean it up.
Take action to help bring about essential bank reforms.
It must be done. It can be done. It will be done - with your help."

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Find Out About BRN

BRN was founded by Dr Peter Brandson, a family GP in regional NSW South Coast. A victim of Predatory Lending by the National Australia Bank (NAB), he is standing up and calling for action so other families and businesses are not harmed.

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Bad Banking Stories

Read stories from just a few of the many victims of Bad Banking Behaviour. Have you lost your home, assets or business or suffered personal or family loss? Share your experience with us.

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Take Action Now!

Taking action against bad banking practices. The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) was caused by inappropriate bank lending. This issue affects every person on the planet. It will happen again if we don't act now. It is up to us to advocate and work for change.

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Steps above fascism 

Coercive Predatory Capitalism (CPC) – the root of all evil: An economic system which creates economic activity of no use or benefit to the people forced to pay for it. The battle of our time is to stop CPC. Freedom, prosperity, and peace is within reach it we Stand-Unite-Make It Right.

BRN Submission Destroys Push For Cashless Society

The OPTUS Outage has made very clear that our ability to make financial transactions must not be dependent on the supply of internet and electrical services. There are multiple threats that could see similar outages. The most severe of which could stop services for weeks or more. The BRN submission to this inquiry shows why governments must stop the War On Cash and limit the ability of banks to manipulate our financial system to suit their agenda of maximising profits at the country's expense. Our freedoms and rights are at risk unless cash is preserved as a critical element of our economy.

Credibility going ... going ..... gone!

The major parties are in lockstep on the critical issues. The old Torie fighting Albo is nowhere to be seen. The ALP and LNP - two wings of the same bird. Our freedoms and rights are an illusion .... just like our Democracy. The rulers treat us like serfs. Check out these eight issues. Do you think Albo is working in the country's interests?

Albanese wants you to shut up and buy the narrative - hook, line & sinker.

The Albanese government is going along with the global push to silence views which oppose the approved narrative. The Combatting Misinformation Bill must be thrown into the dustbin of history. Here we present some key excerpts from the BRN submission. The complete pdf can be downloaded including some revelatory material in the appendices.

BRN Senate Submission Lays It All Out

It's time to change the way banks operate. It's all here: a people's bank; how to manage the risk of bank failure and even better how to prevent them. The Senate inquiry into regional bank closures was a great opportunity to spread the word about critical reforms. Banking must change to a system that supports the interests of the people and country. This is an emergency and if we don't act now we face a very bleak future. We will own nothing and be very unhappy .... just the way our rulers want. These reforms help turn the tables ..... a first step to the rulers owning nothing and being miserable.

King Charles lll Hasn't Got What It Takes

The passing of a much loved leader brings a great opportunity for reform and rejuvenation for Australia and other nations with a longstanding relationship with the United Kingdom. In this hard hitting article we spill the beans on the Age of Empire. It is time for the people to snatch back their power, freedom and rights before the globalists impose their long planned for cashless authoritarian surveillance state. Are you going to wait until they mandate microchip injections or social credit scores that limit how you spend your time and money before you demand change?

End the age of Empire ... Now!

Just about all the major problems we face have been caused by politicians and governments that pretend to care about their populations. What seem like stupid and irrational decisions can only be understood when we realise that they are made to serve the interests of the Empire. The "Kings" and "Queens" of a large portion of the world - the rulers - the 0.1% - the elite. Call them whatever you like.

Here we expose the information the rulers don't want their subjects to know. We also show what needs to be done to secure your country's freedom from the age of exploitation. It's time.

Are you ready and willing to insist that your politicians serve the interests of you and your loved ones?

Last chance for freedom

Both major parties serve elite interests ..... and always will. This election is the most important ever because it might just be our last chance to stop politicians and their party machines turning Australia into a dystopian, cashless, authoritarian, technocratic, totalitarian police/surveillance state. Are you sick of the games, lies and systemic corruption that infests two party politics here and in other nations?

Politicians who are stuck in the old ways of – vote buying – tax & spend sleight of hand manipulations – phony policies & promises – corrupt deal making with corporate donors – us versus them divisive politics – are just tinkering around the edges. Real reform requires bold, innovative and new thinking.

Before you vote for any politician check if they support the BRN policy prescription.

The ALP and LNP will be lucky to get more than a 25% primary vote this year. Take care and make sure the independents and minor party candidates you support are fair dinkum. Here is what you'll likely want them to commit to.

Do you think we have had 75 years of peace?

War is a crime against humanity. On the 75th Anniversary of the end of WW2 it is worth thinking about what we have allowed the rulers to do to fundamental freedoms and rights. We are very much still living in a war economy. If the money used for war was invested in peace there would be no need for chaos and war. Follow the money and it is very easy to see how the people of the world have been robbed, lied to and abused by the 0.1%.

The Liberal CASH BAN - Last nail in Australia's coffin

It's time to kill the CASH BAN Bill. Many pollies are too thick to realise the full story about caving into banker demands to kill off cash. Aussies want to live in freedom. Rights have been destroyed by pollies for decades - the Cash Ban is the final straw. Attacks on journalists & whistleblowers. Surveillance state & other attacks on privacy. Corrupt donations to parties. Unaffordable housing. Cost of living pressures. These are all signs of Australia going off the rails. Enough..!! Get active and put pollies in their place. They serve us .... not the bankers.

This article explains the danger and government lies .... plus gives you some downloads to help you contact MPs and Senators.


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