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Your Own Banking Troubles

Share Your Bad Banking Story

If you have been harmed by bad banking behaviour, we want to know. Whichever bank has damaged you your story is important. BRN is campaigning on your behalf and will not stop until all the lies are exposed, and justice is delivered to bank victims. You can share your story anonymously, to protect your identity, or opt to let it all go public. Let's together show the government and the banks how lives and businesses are affected by criminal banking actions like predatory lending, document falsification and other crimes. (NOTE: You must be logged in first to write the story, if you do not have a BRN website account, please create one first.)
Why? These stories will put pressure on the government to change the ways banks are allowed to operate. If the government fails to act, we may use these stories in a Class Action against the banks.

Current And Past Bank Staff - Tell Us Your Stories

You may have witnessed predatory unconscionable bank behaviour we want your stories too. Confidentiality will be respected. Tell us how the banks operate to set people up with unaffordable loans.To capture your input, please use the "add story link" below (stories are not published straight away, due to BRN's verification process) or Contact BRN to discuss your situation confidentially.
Why? Bank staff have direct knowledge about the type of frauds that are committed daily to enrich banks in a criminal manner. Your evidence will strengthen the case for change.

If you're struggling financially

Many have lost their homes, farms or business. If a bank misadventure has wiped you out it is crucial to try and get help to develop a recovery plan. If the bank used predatory business tactics and you can prove it you might be able fight for justice. Spend some time on the BRN Forum. Lots of great advice will be housed there.
Why? If you don't try to get back on your feet. Things can worsen in other areas of life - work, relationships, self esteem.

Are you struggling with stress, anxiety or depression?

Seek help from your doctor. If needed you can be referred to a psychiatrist or psychologist. Help is available but it must be asked for
Why? When times are tough financially mental health suffers. Take action to protect your well being. It's good for you and your family.

Get Your Bank Loan Application Form

Everyone should have a copy of their bank approved home Loan Application Form. This is a safeguard as banks often use altered loan documentation to give inappropriate loans. Contact your bank today and review the documentation carefully to check for false facts and figures.
Why? If false figures have been used by the bank you may be able to cancel the loan and keep your home.

Join Bank Reform Now's Campaign

Donate - to help us grow

Donate to help us achieve our goals. Banks give politicians millions of dollars to look after their interests. A movement of this scale is expensive and we don't have corporate sponsors ... but we are fighting the sponsors that sponsor our political parties. Help us build strength we need - a small monthly contribution to our kitty will turn it into a lion. We won't let you down. We really do need strong funding to look after your interests. See link below.
Why? Every dollar that you contribute will eventually lead to the banks putting three dollars into our precedent setting fund. We will also be pushing toward bank funded legal aid and rural mental health services.

Register On The Website - Supporter

There are several powerful ways you can contribute to the BRN campaigns. Probably one of the most important is to just stand up and be counted. Anyone can do it! just fill out the website registration form to create an account, this action (and the use of some other website facilities) automatically counts you as a supporter. There are no membership fees, no pressure to do anything & it is free.
Why? Bad banking practices affect everyone one of us, it's time for lies to be exposed, corruption to be stopped & justice to be delivered

Working Together - Supporters

We can help you all by creating a supportive environment right here. If you have a problem with any financial institution we are here to help. The big four banks clearly need reform but there are smaller companies in banking, insurance and finance that have behaved in a shocking way with many customers. Help each other by participating in our Forums where problems can be discussed, tips found and strategies developed. Important information can be shared. Campaign ideas can be discussed. In other words we will have a place for understanding and sharing on one hand for us plus a war cabinet with regard to sorting out the banks and institutions that have caused you or your loved ones harm.


Volunteer to help with various aspects of the BRN campaign. If you are a reliable team player with skills you are very welcome to apply for positions that will be advertised soon. We plan on launching a rolling program of events and publicity stunts to help educate the public about bank crime. Once our volunteers have helped educate enough people we will then be able to take action at just the right time. This is a very exciting time to be seeking change. People power trumps crooked political processes. The very successful #TTTRally - Told the Truth to Turnbull on Monday November 21 2016 was just the beginning. Politicians that don't listen to the people all eventually get what they deserve. Hop on board it will be fun and you'll be helping to change banking and politics for the better.

Become a sponsor

If your business or organisation thinks it is time to do something about bad banking practices in Australia, then consider sponsoring the Bank Reform Now Campaign. BRN sponsorship packages equate to low cost promotion of your business and you will be helping BRN's people-powered fight to expose the lies, stop corruption and deliver justice for the sake of our people, economy and future generations...
Why? Help reform the AU banking system and bring about a full & powerful Royal Commission into the banks and full compensation for victims

Contact The Government

Email Or Visit Your Local Federal MP & Senator

Bring awareness of bank corruption to the forefront in your local area. Arrange to meet your local Federal MP and Senator. Usually it is best to email first, ring to follow up and then request an appointment in person to speak to your member. Sometimes only a phone call or email will be possible - it all helps get issues with banking on the agenda. You can easily find your local political representative via the link below - just type in your postcode and make contact. EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: On Monday November 21 you can help send a powerful message to the government directly at Parliament House Canberra or from the electorate office of your local Federal Member of Parliament #TTTRally details are Here >>>
Why? If all of you contact politicians they will not be able to ignore our call for change. If the government forces banks to operate honestly everyone will be better off.

Sign The Petition - To Extend The Banking Royal Commission

Sign the Bank Reform Now Petition calling for a longer and stronger Royal Commission and your desire for reform of the banks will be sent straight to Commissioner Kenneth Hayne and Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove.
Why? The government must be told by all our supporters that you want the banking & finance system cleaned up and reformed. The system must fuction to serve our interests. If you work with us we will get a full and proper Royal Commission - we can do it - we must do it - we will do it.

Spread The Word

Write A Letter To The Editor

Write a letter to your local and national papers. The main Australian newspapers and their email addresses are listed below. In order to create further awareness about the need for bank reform, Bank Reform Now's campaign or your personal story, please take the time to send a short (less than 200 words) letter to one of the following media outlets or other media outlets in your community.
Why? Letters to the editor are a great way of pushing Bank Reform Now to national news editors and journalists around the country. They’re often used as a way of gauging the public’s interest on certain issues.

Some of the Australian national, state and regional newspapers contacts where you can send letters to the editor:

Some of the Australian national, state and regional newspapers contacts where you can send letters to the editor:

Share With Your Friends And Colleagues

Share the Bank Reform Now story and website with your friends and colleagues - face to face or on Facebook or via Email so that they can participate just like you.
Why? We need to get lots of people involved as quickly as possible to show the government and the banks that we are not going to take the rip offs and lies anymore.

Spread The Word On Twitter

Jump on Twitter and make as much noise as possible. We can show you how to use Tweetdeck to make even more noise. The banks can't hide anymore - the jig is up.
Why? Twitter is a great way to spread the word about the campaign and the need for massive quick action. Fire up the Twittersphere and the banks will be forced to change - by people power.

Bank Victims Horror Stories

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Should bank CEOs and loan officers face asset seizures and jail terms for criminal banking practices?

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