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Extend Banking Royal Commission - Parliament House Canberra 14th August 2018

Bank and Financial Services Victims showed up in force at a Meeting in Canberra ACT, organised by Leon Ashby, at Senator Fraser Anning's request. The aim was for invited Members of Parliament, Senators and the media to hear directly from bank victims of their experiences.

35 Bank Victim's Horror Stories were heard and the Series is being released throughout September / early October, stay tuned as more pages are added to this section.

Bank Horror Stories Exposed At Parliament House

Senator Anning Opens Extend Royal Commission Meeting

Sen Anning along with bank victims, supporters and concerned citizens want to see bank crimes punished and victims of bank misconduct compensated. This will not happen unless the Banking and Financial Services Royal Commission is extended to allow more time, more cases to be heard and more powers than currently exist in the Terms of Reference.

Senator Anning was the gracious host of the Extend The Royal Commission forum at Parliament House, Canberra on 14.08.18. The campaign has continued to roll out and gain momentum since then with the help of Leon Ashby and dedicated Bank Warriors working together. Get Behind the Campaign.

Senator Anning Exted Banking Royal Commission Parliament

Sheril Morris - Victim of La Trobe Financial

Sometimes people can get behind in their payments when life's misfortunes strike. A decent financial company will help sort out the problem. La Trobe Financial did not help Sheril. The company used every trick in the book to take advantage of her.

How is it that a government and its regulators can allow a company to operate like a mafia racket? Sheril has dealt with a nightmare scenario. How long before she is compensated?

Sheril Morris Bank Victim Stories

Craig Caulfield - Victim of CBA

CBA's treatment of Craig Caulfield is shocking. Craig has all the proof needed to show the bank's misconduct, fraud, forgery and collusion with valuers. Despite all this, the bank denies wrongdoing and Craig's nine-year battle for Justice has had a devastating impact on his life.

Craig is not alone, about 50% of bank victims report high rates of Mental Health issues, including severe depression and suicidal thoughts. The Australian banking and finance system must be held accountable by an extended Royal Commission.

Bank Victims Horror Stories Craig Caulfield CBA

Lewis Tomcsanyi - Victim of NAB

The Bank Wants The Farm! Lewis' case demonstrates unlawful conduct by NAB, flaws in the justice system and anomalies in the mortgage market.

Lewis went to jail for ten months for attempting to protect his property with the only option left to him - by a justice system that has failed. If we don't want to see anarchy we must stop bank bullying and asset stripping of farmers.

Lewis Tomcsanyi Bank Victims Stories

Goran Latinovich - Victim of Westpac

A story of unbelievable bank audacity & misconduct toward their customer. Westpac denies everything and hangs Goran out to dry without a penny after being defrauded of 1.2 million dollars. The manner of fraud committed clearly implies the swindle could only have happened with bank insider assistance.

The outcome of this fraud cost Goran & his family in excess of $20 million, their construction project, homes, income and everything they owned. The Banksters wave their "Get Out of Jail FREE" card and laugh all the way home.

Goran Latinovich Lost Everything Westpac Fraud

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Bank Victims Horror Stories

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Sen Anning along with bank victims, supporters and...
Sometimes people can get behind in their payments when life...
CBA's treatment of Craig Caulfield is shocking. Craig has...

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