Big Bank BANG Countdown - to April 22, 2018

IMPORTANT UPDATE: CBA will be first to cop mass action - starting from Ian Narev's Birthday - The BRN Campaign is taking on the banking industry in a powerful and unique way. We really can stop banks ripping off their clients. We can help decrease the risk of another banker induced Financial Crisis. We are concerned about all the banks but this component of our work will focus on one bank. In October we decided to extend the Countdown up to April 22, 2018 - CBA CEO Ian Narev's birthday. We thought that would be a nice treat for the head of one of the crookedest banks. CBA decided to axe him just before the momentous day but we think that was just a coincidence. We made the difficult decision to switch this important event from NAB to CBA. But - don't worry ... the other banks will all still feel the heat before and after the Big Bank BANG.

Big Bank BangThe BRN crew feels that Ian Narev has made such big bucks from so many dubious CBA activities - money laundering, insurance rip offs, predatory lending, planning scandals & more that his bank deserves to be the first to cop the heat of BRN's brand of hard hitting people power.

The Big Bank BANG Countdown has been running for over 12 months. During this time we have continued building the numbers of supporters we need to teach the banks and government a well deserved lesson. We need more of you working with us.

As the Countdown nears the Narev Birthday Big Bank BANG we will release information that will enable you to force change on the way CBA does business. You will be surprised by how much power your actions will have helped to build - the power will be released on one bank at a time until the government is forced to act in your interests and not in the interests of its corporate donors.

On April 22 you will all know what you and your friends must do to hit CBA where it hurts. Right between their brand reputation and bottom line. The only thing bankers really care about.

Massive, co-ordinated action from the bulk of us is what is needed. Remember - politicians have had decades to fix this. They won't - but you can ..... and we will.

See Take Action link below for more things you can do as the campaign builds ... and make sure you Register with us for notifications.

Also please share the link to this page to your contacts. We can do this if we work together. Let's make the Big Bank Bang the table turner it really can be.


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Should bank CEOs and loan officers face asset seizures and jail terms for criminal banking practices?

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