Bad Banking Stories

Everyday Banking Turns Into Nightmares

Bad Banking practices affect us all, read just a few stories of what has happened to others. Bank Reform Now is set up to build awareness of what is happening to "good people" (just like you) not only in Australia but around the globe.

ANZ fraud and assistance of Victoria Police with their unlawful behaviour escalating to abhorrent extremes to attempt to gain possession of our property when we have never had a loan with ANZ.

Date Published: Jan 2019

My case with the Commonwealth bank relates to 3 core elements of misconduct:

  • The defaulting of a Fixed Rate Bills Facility rollover;
  • Fraudulent misrepresentation; and
  • Mortgagees Power of Sale

Backgrounder and details of the misconduct are described in the...

Date Published: Jan 2019
Commonwealth Bank Australia Banking Misconduct CBA

QBE's inadvertent Truth reveals criminal conduct fuelled by noxious "at all cost" mentality in Australia's Banking and Financial Services Industry. Suncorp Bank committed and concealed financial crime in their finance approval.

This is the type of case that highlights the need for the...

Date Published: Jan 2018
Suncorp Bank Crime.

An open letter to all those affected by Great Southern Group and Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited.

Date Published: Dec 2017
Investment & Banking Corruption

Right when I needed help after being injured the insurance company diddled me out hundreds of thousands of  dollars by deliberately underpaying my income protection. This is rife and the regulators do bugger all.

Date Published: Nov 2017

How the NAB mislead me to believe they are a reputable Bank and caused my family significant financial loss and stress.

National Bank of Australia proves to be a bitter "lemon"... wriggle out of compensation even though FOS clearly defines case to be legit.

Date Published: Aug 2017
National Bank Australia NAB Customer Trust

Noted a recurring $5.00 "Package Fee" being debited to my Westpac "Everyday Account" on about the first of each month-for as far back into my account history as I can go on electronic/internet banking (3 years). 
I contacted Westpac to get information on what it was for....

Date Published: Jul 2017
Westpac Bank Package Fees

"Who would lend more than $840,000 to a couple, each of whom was on a disability pension with no prospects of any form of employment, with the husband partially blind and the wife with a long-term disability, when each had nothing to offer but the desire to speculate in real estate?" Well...

Date Published: Mar 2017
Dale & Faith Burns

Experiences of a 16 year veteran of the Australian banking and financial industry. Essential reading for politicians and citizens who want to see the end of criminal and predatory banking practices.

Bank whistleblower, Pieter Van Der Woude exposes the ruthless, crooked and immoral way...

Date Published: Mar 2017
Finance Sector Australia - Banksters Exposed

Aussie World War II hero Sir Edward "Weary" Dunlop's family decimated by Perpetual Trustees. Is this the way Australia treats the families of our heros?

Why are unscrupulous players in the finance industry getting away with this sort of disgraceful behaviour? Take action with us now...

Date Published: Feb 2017
Weary Dunlop On The Family Farm

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Sen Anning along with bank victims, supporters and...
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Money laundering is not just a CBA specialty. The Royal...
John's story shows how La Trobe Financial turned his home...

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