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Bank Reform Now was founded by Dr Peter Brandson at the end of 2013. He had been trying for years to settle a long running dispute with the National Australia Bank. NAB refused to negotiate in good faith despite clear evidence proving their guilt in the matter.

Once Dr Brandson researched the NAB's past history of predatory lending and unconscionable conduct he realised that the issue was far bigger than just his dispute.

After reviewing the evidence of how NAB has treated other clients - such as the Troiani family from Bundaberg Queensland - he knew that NAB needed to be exposed and taught a lesson. A lesson that the government refuses to dish out. A lesson that the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) refuses to dish out. It is a lesson that the people need to dish out via the Bank Reform Now campaign.

Bank Reform Now has one major aim. We want to use massive public support to set important precedents that will change the way banks operate. We believe that the only way to stop bad bank behaviour is to have real penalties imposed on banks that commit real crimes.

If a bank had to fully compensate victims of criminal banking practices they would no longer engage in those criminal banking practices. Pretty simple really - but the government has not done it - so it is up to us and our supporters to see that it happens.

    The case we are mounting has been a long time coming - The People Versus The Banks.

Up to now it has been the banks versus the people. The banks have an unfair advantage because they pick off one client at a time. Bank Reform Now turns the tables - from now on it will be the people united taking on one bank at a time. We are starting with NAB. How and why we are doing it this way is detailed in the Precedent and the Promise section of of our website.

Key Aims of the Campaign:

  • Encourage the Government and its regulatory authorities such as ASIC and APRA to make changes which will see banks being held to account for their predatory business practices
  • Encourage the Government to instigate a Royal Commission - with extraordinary powers - into the banking and finance industries
  • Encourage the Government to push for real reforms at an international level. Governments around the world will have to work together to change the way the finance system and banking industry operates.
  • Set the crucial Precedent: Banks must fully compensate clients that have suffered damages due to predatory bank practices - including, but not limited to - the use of bank falsified Loan Application Forms.
  • Set up as an industry funded body to co-ordinate precedent setting compensation payments to victims of criminal banking practices. The same fund will also aim to contribute to rural mental health care programs.
  • To prevent further Global Financial Crisis style disasters.

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Should bank CEOs and loan officers face asset seizures and jail terms for criminal banking practices?

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