Michelle Matheson - Victim of RHG Mortgage Corporation

Case Summary

The crippling effects of Michelle's 11 years long battle with RHG Mortgage Corporation (formerly RAMS / Westpac) would be more than the average person could bear. Mortgage fraud, bullying and breaches of civil and criminal law are just some of the tactics this 2nd tier lender have used to conceal their concurrent wrongdoing.

RHG has remained under the radar of the scrutiny of the banking Royal Commission and ASIC the Australian regulatory body have refused to investigate them. The longterm affects - mental illness, loss of career, loss of family well-being, significant and serious physical illness. 11 years have been stolen from this family.

Story Details
Story Of: 
Michelle Matheson
Financial Institution (if other): 
RHG Mortgage Corporation (formerly RAMS / Westpac)
Bank Malpractice Type: 
Predatory Lending
Incompetent Business Practices
Powermongering & Greed
Unconscionable Conduct
Other Bad Banking Behaviour

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