Craig Perry - Victim of CBA

Case Summary

Aussie farmers are among the best in the world. Tough and resilient - up to a point! What do farmers need from their bank? A fair go. Farmers are running a business that needs appropriate funding. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) appears not to understand that some seasons are good and some are bad.

A reputable bank will not bleed a farmer dry when seasons and markets are tough.
Craig Perry is a 5th Generation Australian farmer from near Wycheproof in Victoria. He would have no trouble servicing his loans if the bank was not so keen and determined to screw him for every buck they can get out of his business and family.

Story Details
Story Of: 
Craig Perry
Bank Involved: 
Bank Malpractice Type: 
Powermongering & Greed
Unconscionable Conduct

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