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If you have been harmed by bad banking behaviour, we want to know. Whichever bank has damaged you your story is important. BRN is campaigning on your behalf and will not stop until all the lies are exposed, and justice is delivered to bank victims. You can share your story anonymously, to protect your identity, or opt to let it all go public. Let's together show the government and the banks how lives and businesses are affected by criminal banking actions like predatory lending, document falsification and other crimes. (NOTE: You must be logged in first to write the story, if you do not have a BRN website account, please create one first.)
These stories will put pressure on the government to change the ways banks are allowed to operate. If the government fails to act, we may use these stories in a Class Action against the banks.
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Bank Victims Horror Stories

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Should bank CEOs and loan officers face asset seizures and jail terms for criminal banking practices?

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