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Donate To Bank Reform Now

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Expose Lies - Stop Corruption - Deliver Justice - Your Donation Makes It Happen

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With your help, the Bank Reform Now campaign will set an important precedent, supporters will help stop banks from getting away with bad behaviour which damages individuals, families and businesses.

Your contribution will help make the banking industry honest and accountable, donations will be re-gifted to victims of bad banking practices and Rural Mental Health Services.

Luxury House Giveaway

When you donate, you can choose to be part of the house giveaway, to own a luxury family home on the NSW South Coast, Australia - replacement value of $2.6 Million*.

To be eligible - you must select the "luxury house giveaway" option (default is No). Ensure you add your correct details so we can contact you. Your details will not be used for any other purpose, (privacy policy). Conditions Apply.

*You can donate as little as $2.60 to help: Expose The Lies - Stop The Corruption - Deliver Justice. Thank you for your donation, all funds go to help victims of bad banking practices and Mental Health services.

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Top 4 Australian Banks - Under Scrutiny

AU Banks want much more than just the farm!
  - The world knows it, but do the people of Australia know it?
It's time to spread the word.

Flush and Dominant, Australia’s Banks Come Under Pressure

There is "...a growing storm in Australia over the size, power and conduct of the country’s four big banks."

"Long politically protected and immensely profitable, Australia’s big banks are now facing the biggest public outcry in a generation..."

"... Australia stands out. At a time when the world is considering what to do about banks that are too big to fail, Australia offers a glimpse of just how big — and how dominant — they can become."
Quoting From NY Times Article By A. ODYSSEUS PATRICK OCT. 14, 2016

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Should bank CEOs and loan officers face asset seizures and jail terms for criminal banking practices?

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