Big Bank BANG Countdown

The BRN Campaign is taking on the banking industry to force changes that will stop another Global Financial Crisis and stop banks ripping off their clients. We are concerned about all the banks but this component of our work focuses on one bank. The other banks will still feel the heat even while we wait for the Big Bank BANG.

Big Bank BangThe best way for you to help us win is to contribute and participate. If lots of you help a little bit it will magnify the work we are doing.

This is debatable as CBA is running a very close second, but many feel NAB is the worst offender in Australia so NAB will be the first bank to feel the heat of BRN's brand of hard hitting people power.

The Big Bank BANG Countdown will take 12 months. During this time we are building the numbers of supporters we need to teach NAB the lesson it deserves. Register with us to get regular updates. Keep active in the campaign by participating in the various activities we will gradually release.

Go To: Take Action Now for a list of things you can do.

As the Countdown nears the Big Bank BANG we will release information that will enable you to force change on the way NAB does business. You will be surprised by how much power your actions will have helped to build - the power will be released on one bank at a time until the government is forced to act in your interests and not in the interests of its corporate donors.

Top 4 Australian Banks - Under Scrutiny

AU Banks want much more than just the farm!
  - The world knows it, but do the people of Australia know it?
It's time to spread the word.

Flush and Dominant, Australia’s Banks Come Under Pressure

There is "...a growing storm in Australia over the size, power and conduct of the country’s four big banks."

"Long politically protected and immensely profitable, Australia’s big banks are now facing the biggest public outcry in a generation..."

"... Australia stands out. At a time when the world is considering what to do about banks that are too big to fail, Australia offers a glimpse of just how big — and how dominant — they can become."
Quoting From NY Times Article By A. ODYSSEUS PATRICK OCT. 14, 2016

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Should bank CEOs and loan officers face asset seizures and jail terms for criminal banking practices?

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