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Transcript Of Speech - Dario Pappalardo & Dario For Rita Troiani

Dario's DollDario: I do not mind a speech because I think that I've got enough sitting in inside my guts for the last eight or nine years that I do not need a speech to be written.

I'm a National Australia Bank (of course) ... victim.

Back in 2008 to 9009 just like the Doctor during the peak of the GFC they decided to pull the pin on my building activity around Melbourne. Now I could well have swallowed that, I could have accepted that. The fact is that it involved my family; my mother, my father, my sister and my brother in law who went out and borrowed money to push into the business on the promise that the National Australia Bank would release the funds to complete my projects.

Now that was in April 2008. 22 months later I was still waiting for the bank to release the funds. at 21.4% default interest and 55 thousand dollars of interest per month. And that was the end of my business activity.

Alright, it led to bankruptcy ... in obviously 12 months of pain and negativity I could not get out of bed. You know, I made dreams, 25 years of work and obviously my ambition to become an established builder in Melbourne were all gone, thanks to the National Australia Bank.

Now, during those first 12 months, obviously, I thought we were an isolated case but thanks to the Internet, as we started doing research, I did find that we were not an isolated case. This was ... we could probably describe it as a cottage industry, where the banks ... and obviously the ... the ... as Professor Edmund Jones calls them, "the bottom feeders", recycle peoples assets. So by the Internet, by Facebook, I started to contact people and one of the first cases that obviously I found was Tony Rigg, of course, and Rita Troiani from from Bundaberg with her Wide Bay Brick operation. It was taken by the National Australia Bank.

So what I'll do, I'll call Rita up here as well ... I've only got 5 minutes so I will not bore you with days and events and etcetera but this is basically my story ... I will now tell Rita's story.

Rita, if you'd like to come up (applause)

Now Rita has been waiting for 20 years for some justice - 20 years - her business was probably valued at 50 million dollars back in the mid nineties. And the National Australia Bank ... colluding with ... Boral were able to take Rita's business down.

With her ... And Rita and her late husband ... okay, Rita's husband passed away in 2007 from a heart attack, alright, so this is some of the other consequences that obviously come along with these defaults, these closures and ...

Rita has been waiting 20 years for justice. So hopefully what we have started will give us enough momentum to get this Royal Commission up and running. The bankers may have started something but we are going to finish it off. (cheers & applause) We will finish it off.

Just say hello to everybody, Rita.

Rita: Hi everybody. I'm not really good at public speaking but I just want to thank everybody involved in trying to open this up and share what's actually happened to us bank victims and I hope one day that we will find justice. (cheers, applause)

Dario: The bankers thought we were not going to be here today you know five years ago or ten years ago - We're here! Do not give up, you know. Do not give up! They've started something. We will finish it!

NAB Destroys Wide Bay Bricks - Textbook Bank Bastardry

"Sante and Rita Troiani had built a fine business - Wide Bay Bricks - in Bundaberg. By 1993 their brick-works was the second largest private brick manufacturer in Australia.

NAB was keen to get the couple to bank with them - but getting their business was really part of an elaborate setup to steal the multi-million dollar assets that Sante had built up after decades of hard work. Once NAB had the opportunity it engineered a default. Using dodgy business practices and friendly - liquidators, lawyers & Courts NAB stripped the couple of all their assets.

Sante was left penniless by NAB and died after suffering a stroke in 2007. His widow Rita has had to struggle on a pension. Once the case was thoroughly investigated it became clear that right from the start NAB was actively working against Sante's interests and in fact was helping Sante's competitor Boral. It turned out that NAB and Boral had directors in common - including former NAB Managing Directors Nobby Clark and Don Argus.

BRN has put in submissions to various government inquiries advocating on behalf of Rita Troiani. What did the Senate do? They censored the names of the colourful characters involved in the scandal. The government is running a protection racket for the biggest organised crime ring in the nation. Government has done nothing up to now .... and will continue to do nothing in the future - while you continue to let them get away with it. It was Rita and Sante back then and it could be you today and your kids tomorrow."

"The NAB take-down of Wide Bay Bricks would have to constitute one of the most heinous of frauds against a family business in Australian banking history.

Read the letter sent by Rita Troiani to Queensland Chief Justice Paul de Jersey on 3 October 2013. Her husband died penniless after a lifetime of hard work.

This clearly shows the bastardry that banks has been involved in and it shows why we will not use the Courts in our fight for justice. With your help and support we will set our own precedent in our own way." - Dr Peter Brandson

Sante Troiani Campaign for Justice - Bank Victims Australia

Sante Troiani Anti-Nab - Campaign for Justice - Bank Victims Australia

Dario Pappalardo & Rita Troiani Speak at #TTTRally Nov 2016

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