Dr Brandson's Speech

BRN CEO Pulls No Punches In the Fight against Bank Misconduct

People came from right around the nation to tell Mr Turnbull the truth about the banking system. In his introductory speech and other rally comments as MC, BRN CEO Dr Peter Brandson makes it clear to the bankers - the jig is up - and reparation payments are now overdue for many bank victims such as Faye Andrews, Rita Troiani, Dr Barry Landa and many others whose stories were told to the big crowd in Canberra.

Dr Brandson's speech to the #TTTRally at Parliament House - Nov 21, 2016

Pre Rally Dr Brandson SpeaksThank you Suzi for that very kind introduction - and a big thank you to all the others that have helped bring this event to Canberra.

I welcome and thank you all for being here today.

Most people think there is nothing worse than public speaking …. especially to a huge crowd like this. Well there are lots of things worse - I deal with them every day working as a rural GP – mental and physical illness – hardships and stresses that are often truly unbearable.

I have conquered my fear of public speaking for you – for today - because I - along with some very special guests - have something very important to tell you.

The jig is up for bankers that are ripping us off..!!

And you know this message is important - because that is why you have made the effort to be here.

Worse than facing a big crowd is facing and being savaged by a big bank and their legal attack dogs. Losing your home, your farm, your business, your family.

I founded Bank Reform Now as a response to predatory and unconscionable lending by the National Australia Bank. They gave a ludicrous and impossible loan to a member of my family in 2004. Around the time of the GFC NAB was in big trouble and was clawing back as many loans as they could. Engineering defaults to rescue their loan book. Like many others - my family got caught up in it.

Today - you will hear some shocking stories. You will also see that banks have a long history of bad behaviour. Make sure you hear Malcolm Taylor an 80 year old farmer who has flown in from Western Australia to tell you exactly what NAB did to him ... and you must stay for Brett Fallon whose bank troubles with ANZ/Landmark led to a horrible outcome. We also have Dr Evan Jones here …. absolutely essential to roundup how banks operate against our personal and our country’s interests.

I’d like to make it clear this operation is not politically partisan. We are happy to listen to anyone’s voice if they show a genuine commitment to meaningful bank reform.

I’m very pleased to see so many pollies here. It might be tough. Many people are unhappy with the way our country is going. People are turning away from business as usual politics. A couple of weeks ago a property developer / reality TV star beat the political insider / bankers’ choice to become President of the United States. We will be seeing much the same in Australia. The NSW Orange by-election is just a fresh sign. The people want their democracy and their country back. - We are not tolerating being sold out - Our Constitution trampled. Politicians that don’t respond – I’m sorry to say – will be (dare I say it) ... trumped by those protecting our freedoms, rights and sovereignty. On a friendly note – to the pollies here, I don’t think we will be any harder on you than you are on each other during question time.

Now - I would like to share some secrets with you.

Despite what politicians, bankers and mainstream media have told you - our banking system was on the edge of collapse during the GFC.

The Reserve Bank of Australia tapped the US Federal Reserve for more than $US53 billion after the crisis caused a shortage of US dollars.

NAB was the biggest user of the emergency facility, borrowing a total of $US4.5 billion. NAB turned to the Federal Reserve three times during 08 and 09 as the crisis intensified. Most people never heard about this.

We are being deceived – one way or another - all the time. Informed people know that the banking and finance system takes far more of the economic pie than is reasonable while not serving the legitimate needs of the people or the country. Trust has been destroyed.

Lack of trust in our banks and governments will inevitably lead to political instability, economic stagnation – and will contribute to the next financial crisis.

Too much - has been stolen from too many - for too long.

Here is another secret. Come closer the bankers really don’t want you to hear this one –

Many bank victims have had their loans wiped …. AND kept their homes.

If you have a rock solid case … and you persist … YOU CAN WIN.

BUT the banks will only settle with you if you stay quiet. Their lawyers will try to gag you.

Since this journey began I have talked to and helped many people who have been treated extremely badly by bankers, lawyers and liquidators. I have learned that stripping people of their hard earned assets is actually thought of as a legitimate business activity by what is rapidly becoming known as the parasite class.

Today - we come to tell Malcolm Turnbull and his colleagues the truth about the banking and finance system. Some who couldn’t make it to Canberra are right now petitioning and rallying in front of the electoral offices of MPs around the country.

You know that something is wrong with the way many of us are living. People used to be able to look after their family’s needs with one income. Now you need two or more incomes and a handful of credit cards. How convenient for the corporate sector … particularly the banks. The systemic reforms that BRN will be pursuing would eventually lead to people being able to look after their needs with around half the amount of paid work required now. Here’s another secret – the elite don’t want you to have that sort of free time because more of you would have time to attend rallies like this one. You’d have time to learn just how much crime and corruption is costing your family in time and money. The establishment really prefers us to be ignorant, busy, distracted and scared.

Folks … Today – my friends and I are delivering a message to the big bank CEOs:

NAB’s – Andrew Thorburn

CBA’s – Ian Narev

ANZ’s – Shayne Elliott

Westpac’s – Brian Hartzer

Your banks - and your bankers do not have clean hands. We will have a Royal Commission with extraordinary powers.

We will fully expose the fraud, forgery and deception involved in your business models. Contract fraud. Insurance rip offs. Rate rigging. Financial planning abuses. Bonus systems that encourage staff to work against the customer’s interests. Loan application fraud that infects enough full doc (yes “full doc”) loans to cause $100Billion of toxic debt. The credit creation Ponzi scheme that transfers our country’s wealth to a criminal banking cartel.

Genuine reforms will see crooked bankers jailed and stripped of their ill-gotten gains.

After we finish here it will be clear to all of you – In Australia - very soon – Bank crimes will not pay ….… and bankers will pay for their crimes.!!

We have some amazing speakers here for you today. Victims and experts in the abuses that banks have been profiting from - and getting away with for many years.

Suzi has told you her story about CBA. She is a champ and BRN has backed her to the hilt.

Another champ I would like to introduce to you now is Faye Andrews.

Create an account on the BRN website and add your own story of bank misconduct. You can also sign our petition and learn about the other ways you can help bring on genuine reforms.

Dr Peter Brandson - Speech Canberra Rally

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