Tony Rigg - Rally Speech

Tony & Dorothy Rigg's 31 Year Fight Against The CBA

We went to the Commonwealth Bank in Nowra, NSW for a loan.  It appeared to be the best deal we could get at 5 to 6 % interest to build a new factory for our expanding business inside and outside Australia. It was a simulated foreign currency loan with a commercial bill facility. Simulated means counterfeit which means fraud.

BUT, we did not know that the Commonwealth Bank of Australia is no more than a crime syndicate hell bent on profit only and the staff are able to commit any crime they like without fear of prosecution.

The consequences to us and other victims is horrific.

Tony Rigg Well Documented Case Against The CBAWithout our knowledge bank staff charged us troublesome interest up to 25.5 % interest.  The documents read …  “apply troublesome interest, no advice to Riggs, don’t send bank statements to Riggs, of course the Riggs are not to be told,” ….. this is FRAUD

Then bank staff added shadow ledgers, over $500,000 and up to 25.5% interest, this is FRAUD.

The bank staff appointed a RECEIVER to our factory complex known as South Nowra Building World 158 to 160 Princes Highway South Nowra.  The bank staff refused to give us the money the receiver had stolen from our tenants, it was our money.

This was a FRAUDULENT act by Commonwealth Bank staff as we were never in default.  The RECEIVER admitted in the Supreme Court of NSW that he sold our factory to his family friends and his friend’s daughter worked at the Commonwealth Bank in Nowra at the time.  It was a FIRE SALE.

The bank staff opened secret accounts and stole money from those accounts.

These CRIMINAL ACTS destroyed the cash flow of our company.

We do not know the amount of interest we were paying as judges from day one struck out our subpoenas, denied us access to critical documents on discovery, denied us documents on a notice to produce. The judges then wrote judgments against us.  Which means our case has never been heard.

The Commonwealth Bank employ QC’s to represent the bank in court, some of those QC’s are then appointed as judges and still work for the bank, they are known as BANK JUDGES.

The Commonwealth Bank had a letter tabled in the Senate signed by Don Sanders former CEO of the Commonwealth Bank which was just not true.

The Commonwealth bank staff deliberately destroyed our business by criminal activity so they could steal our properties and sell them by INSIDER TRADING to bank staff mates for less than the properties were worth.

If the illegal charges were removed and the bank staff had abided by the contract we signed it would be found that we were never in default and would have comfortably paid the loan out, the bank staff are also in breach of contract by criminal entrapment.

Our business has been deliberately destroyed. It would have been of great benefit to the community.  Our properties have been stolen.  Sadly no authority will take any action to protect us or other victims from these ruthless bank criminals.

I believe the directors of the Commonwealth Bank have little choice but to return our properties to us with all the rents plus damages and more, as the directors are directly responsible for  the bank staff’s actions.

I have a document with me it is a CBA internal Memo.

The relevant sentence reads;  “GIVEN THAT THERE HAS BEEN PREVIOUS SUICIDES.  CBA’s”  bank staff are clearly admitting to causing distressed bank victims to commit suicide.

The Foreign Borrowers Association gave evidence to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration and said they had done a survey on judges and found that any judge who handed down a judgment against a bank did not sit on another bank case, in Hansard.

Our case is detailed in Hansard, Court documents and on Tony Rigg vs Commonwealth Bank /  / and Bank Reform Now.

Tony and Dot Rigg CBA Horror Story

Tony Rigg Meets Bill Shorten & CBA will pay

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