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ABC Exposes NAB Predatory Business Tactics - Interview With Dr Peter Brandson - Founder and CEO Of Bank Reform Now

Neil Woolrich from ABC TV's The Business - Gets the facts about NAB and the need for the Bank Reform Now campaign.

With Your Help ..... And Our Script NAB Will Be Exposed

Dr Brandson is asking people from right around the world to join in and help create a YouTube clip that will show everyone the way NAB operates. Spread the word - your clip could go viral - and help reform the way banks operate.

The Government Does Not Have The Will Or Guts - It Is Up To Us

Enough is enough! Although there has been some great public exposure about bad banking practices crippling individuals, families and businesses, with many well documented cases, it seems nothing much is getting done about this important issue that affects everyone.

Bank Reform Now's campaign enables all of us to join together and help stop bank rip offs. Unless we join together and target one bank at a time - not much is likely to happen to change the damage being done to all of us. BRN will show you why we must act and what action we need to take.

Dr Brandson writes to supporters, friends and colleagues just prior to launching the Bank Reform Now movement and campaign. Phase 1 of the campaign is to expose the way NAB uses predatory lending to enrich itself while causing immense personal and societal damage.

Resources & Tips To Help You Look After Your Finances And Assets

Good old fashioned tips about looking after your money and assets. Resource links to help build good money management practices for yourself, family, business, retirement and hopefully your children's children. Where to go if you have been cheated.

Depression, Anxiety & Emotional Help Tips & Resources

Financial stress can often result in depression and anxiety. The emotional turmoil you feel can lead to problems in relationships - at work, with friends and in the family. It is important to know you are not alone and that you may need help to manage these feelings. Dr Brandson shares some tips and resources in this article.

Banks And The Dark Art Of Professional Counterfeiting

Banking as we have come to know it is a criminal operation. Once you understand the system you will want to see it changed.


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Should bank CEOs and loan officers face asset seizures and jail terms for criminal banking practices?

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