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Collection of articles, stories and multi-media presentations about Bank Reform Now.

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Bank Reform Now - Begins

Years after NAB used Predatory Lending against Dr Brandson's family Bank Reform Now formed to take on the banks - one at a time. NAB is first. Carmen McIntosh explains why.

BRN Launches

Banking News

Find the latest news and stories about banks caught out in illegal and corrupt activity from around the world.

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NAB Found Responsible For Farm Animal Deaths

Kim Hall has experienced the dark side of NAB's business model. He was promised funding for his redevelopment but it was a set up. At the critical moment funding was withdrawn. The land was taken. NAB refused to give it back even when Kim had arranged alternative financing. NAB - Ultimate Unconscionable Banking Inc.

Kim Hall and Dakota put the hoof into NAB

Australia's Opportunity To Reform Financial System

2014 – Australia hosts the G20: Bank Reform Now encourages Prime Minister Tony Abbott to put serious discussions on the table at the G20 meetings regarding - Finance and Central Banks. Meetings scheduled this year in Sydney (February 22nd – 23rd), Melbourne (June 22nd – 23rd), Cairns (September 18th – 21st) and Brisbane for the final communique (November 12th – 15th).

G20 2014 Australia Hosting

Is NAB The Most Corrupt Aussie Bank?

Dr Evan Jones reports on NAB's way of doing business. Why isn't this information on the front pages of our newspapers? Why are our politicians not acting in the people's interests?


The Deterrent For Bad Banking Behaviour Is Minuscule

Governments allow bankers to get away with criminal activity because the penalties are far less than the proceeds of the crimes. Serious bank crimes require serious penalties.

Bad Banker Spanked - Michael Mucci

CBA Financial Planning Scandal

The bank's compensation system encouraged criminal behaviour. CBA Whistleblower Jeff Morris exposes the corrupt financial planning division of the bank.


NAB And Its Treacherous Destruction Of Wide Bay Bricks

There are hundreds of NAB related cases and articles you could read which show how you and your family will benefit by supporting the Bank Reform Now protest movement. If you only have time to read one of the cases - please just read the letter shown below. This clearly shows why Bank Reform Now is needed and why - with your support - we will not stop the campaign until the important precedent is set .... and we all win against corrupt banking behaviour.

Bank Robbery

The Sliding Scales Of Justice In Queensland

August 2012 - Queensland Government aims to close down the State Reporting Bureau and to outsource the recording and production of transcripts for Queensland court proceedings - Dr Evan Jones reports

Qld Corruption

Bank Corruption Down Under

There is plenty of evidence of corrupt - predatory bank behaviour but the government turns a blind eye. Evan Jones exposes the racket and how it damages people and businesses.


Kay v NAB [2010] NSWSC 1116

A Court case study - NAB abuses its position of power charging outlandish and unjustifiable fees, penalties and interest. Court rules against NAB.

Cameron Clyne - NAB CEO

The NAB, Small Business And The Wilful Ignorance Of Judges

The National Australia Bank claim to be the bank of small business — but they are anything but, explains Australia's leading exposer of bad banks, Associate Professor Evan Jones.

Nabbed - Small Businesses burnt by bad banking practices.

Predators - Where Are Our Financial Watchdogs?

Banks and brokers are involved in widespread fraud. Loans are being given out almost willy nilly - often to people who can't afford them. The loan officer gets a bonus and lines up for a promotion. The bank victims have their lives destroyed. ASIC and its external dispute resolution arms FOS and COSL look on. It's time they acted in the people's interests.

Predatory Lending Article Bank Reform Now

Banks: Still The Untouchables

Loan Application Fraud, Predatory Lending - Tools of the trade for NAB. Why don't the Courts and the Government go after banks behaving badly?

Handcuffed Banker

Regulator Examines NAB Over 'Breach'

NAB once again under scrutiny from the corporate regulators for unconscionable conduct. Personal guarantees have to be explained to the customer, or the opportunity given to obtain independent legal advice. NAB's non-compliance is a breach of the Trade Practices Act.

Bank Fraud Examined

NAB Accused Of "Unconscionable Conduct"

More and more cases of NAB's predatory business practices are coming to light. Here the 7.30 Report exposes the massive damage deliberately inflicted on the Safetli family.

Mortgage Fraud

NAB Report Grim

NAB cash earnings down 9%. $360 million foreign exchange scandal is only part of the story.

White Collar Criminals Must Face Justice

Regulator's Report Pans NAB

APRA investigation forces NAB CEO Frank Cicutto and Chairman Charles Allen to quit. APRA doesn't trust the board and management of NAB in light of the foreign exchange scandal.


Say No To Bullying

Be very cautious when dealing with a bank like NAB. Particularly if you are asked to guarantee a loan.

Bank Ties You Up

Federal Court Declares NAB Acted Unconscionably

The Federal Court has today declared that the National Australia Bank acted unconscionably in its dealings with a Tasmanian woman, Mrs Kathryn Ashton.


ACCC Alleges Unconscionable Conduct By NAB

National Australia Bank caught red handed after decimating a Tasmanian family with an unconscionable $200,000 fraud. ACCC to the rescue.


Dr Brandson's Blog

Be inspired by founder Dr Peter Brandson's thoughts and opinions, shedding light on the bigger picture of bank corruption and how it damages people's lives.

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Help Wanted - We Need A YouTube Clip

Dr Brandson is asking people from right around the world to join in and help create a YouTube clip that will show everyone the way NAB operates. Spread the word - your clip could go viral - and help reform the way banks operate.


Senate Inquiry Shields NAB

Enough is enough! Although there has been some great public exposure about bad banking practices crippling individuals, families and businesses, with many well documented cases, it seems nothing much is getting done about this important issue that affects everyone.

Bank Reform Now's campaign enables all of us to join together and help stop bank rip offs. Unless we join together and target one bank at a time - not much is likely to happen to change the damage being done to all of us. BRN will show you why we must act and what action we need to take.

Australian Senate Enquiry NAB Banking

Dr Brandson's - Letter to Supporters

Dr Brandson writes to supporters, friends and colleagues just prior to launching the Bank Reform Now movement and campaign. Phase 1 of the campaign is to expose the way NAB uses predatory lending to enrich itself while causing immense personal and societal damage.


Financial Help

Good old fashioned tips about looking after your money and assets. Resource links to help build good money management practices for yourself, family, business, retirement and hopefully your children's children. Where to go if you have been cheated.
Finance Help

Depression Help

Financial stress can often result in depression and anxiety. The emotional turmoil you feel can lead to problems in relationships - at work, with friends and in the family. It is important to know you are not alone and that you may need help to manage these feelings. Dr Brandson shares some tips and resources in this article.


How Banks Run (& Ruin) Our World

Banking as we have come to know it is a criminal operation. Once you understand the system you will want to see it changed.

Pyramid Scheme - Banking


Bank Victims Horror Stories

From Extend RC Parliament Event
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Should bank CEOs and loan officers face asset seizures and jail terms for criminal banking practices?

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