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The People Of Australia Are Fed Up With Bad Banking Practices

Bank Reform Now supporters and friends will gather for a Rally outside Parliament House in Canberra and at local Federal MP's Offices around Australia on Monday November 21st 2016.

Join in and help spread the word -  Tell the Truth to Turnbull Rally (#TTTRally). If you are not sure what all the noise is about, please follow the links on this page and the BRN website for more information.

#TTTRally Quick Guide For Canberra - & Your Own Local Gatherings

Participants Information - Parliament House Canberra

Stop Corruption Bank Reform Now
Black TShirt - message on back.
  1. Register your intention to attend:  
    • Please go the the Facebook Event page set up by Suzi of "Commonwealth Bank of Australia SOLD my Family Home"
    • Details for Canberra Accommodation bookings, Sunday night dinner booking and other announcements can be found there.
    • Please encourage friends, family and workmates to register and attend. Bank crimes affect all of us every single day. If you are travelling some distance consider organising a group think of car pooling or hiring a bus to bring you all.
  2. Prepare your supplies:
    • If you can - please purchase a Bank Reform Now T-Shirt - the media will be present at the rally and a good crowd in the bold BRN colours will look fantastic on TV. Purchase T-Shirts Here
    • Make up some placards if possible - there will be some large banners in place
    • Bring hat / sunglasses / water bottle / sunscreen - it's going to be hot
  3.  Arrive at Rally:
    • 11.30am - Monday November 21 - Parliament House Canberra - there is plenty of parking
    • Rally starts at Noon.
  4. Speakers Include:
    • Dr Peter Brandson (Founder of Bank Reform Now)
    • Suzi Burge (CBA Victim) plus other victims of bank treachery each giving a short speech.
    • In addition we have prominent academics, activists & journalists prepared to give significant information regarding the banking and finance system.
    • Special Guests include: Dr Evan Jones, Barrister Peter King, Farmer Brett Fallon (ANZ/Landmark victim)

Be there to help all of us:

Expose The Lies - Stop The Corruption - Deliver Justice

What's the Tell The Truth to Turnbull Rally about? Full Story Here: >> BRN Goes To Canberra

Supporters Unable to Get to Canberra - You can help big time at your local MP's office

  1. Identify where your local Member of Parliament's Electoral Office is by searching >> Here   
    • Encourage friends family and workmates to meet up with you there!
  2. Contact your local TV, Newspaper and Radio:
    • Tell them that you and many others are gathering at your local Federal member's office to participate in a protest at exactly the same time as thousands have gathered in Canberra at Parliament House to hear from bank victims and experts. You are joining in to support the movement toward a fair dinkum Royal Commission and reforms that will see bankers forced to operate honesty. We want the crooks jailed after their ill-gotten assets are taken. We want bank victims fully compensated.
  3. Prepare your supplies:
    • If you can - please purchase a Bank Reform Now T-Shirt - the media will be present at the rally and a good crowd in the bold BRN colours will look fantastic on TV. Purchase T-Shirts Here
    • Download the BRN petition (find it in the attachments below) - print it out and take a few pages with you - as well as pens and a clipboard
    • Make up some placards if possible
    • Bring hat / sunglasses / water bottle / Sunscreen - it's going to be hot
  4. 12 noon - Monday November 21
    • be on the street outside your local member of parliament’s electoral office with all your other contacts.
    • Tell passersby that you are there in support of the Canberra #TTTRally, give interviews to the media and have people passing by sign the petition.
    • BRN website members will be able to log in on rally day and upload photos and updates showing what's happening in their own mini-rallies right around the country. Register today.

Local Electorate #TTTRally Supporters -  Full Story Here: >> Take The Rally Local

Want to target the big shots in their electorates?

Listed below are the electorate offices of ministers and shadow ministers involved in banking and finance. Feel free to get a convoy of supporters to head over by Noon on Monday the 21st. Make some noise, get petitions signed and bring about some real reforms.

  • Malcolm Turnbull - Ground Floor, 287-289 New South Head Road (Corner Edgecliff Road) Edgecliff, NSW
  • Scott Morrison - Suite 102, Level 1 - 30 The Kingsway Cronulla, NSW
  • Mathias Cormann – Level 38, Exchange Plaza - 2 The Esplanade Perth, WA
  • Kelly O'Dwyer - Suite 1 - 1343 Malvern Road Malvern, VIC
  • Bill Shorten - Suite 1A, 12 Hall Street Moonee Ponds, VIC
  • Chris Bowen - Shops 3 & 4 398 Hamilton Road Fairfield, NSW
  • Matt Thistlethwaite - Shop 6  205 Maroubra Road Maroubra, NSW

File Attachments: 

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Should bank CEOs and loan officers face asset seizures and jail terms for criminal banking practices?

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