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NAB In Trouble Again - Payout Malpractice Rife

Elliot Sgargetta - in a David versus Goliath battle - Seeking his day in the High Court to find justice against NAB - the bank that tried to force a trapped customer to pay an extra $24,000 on a loan payout. Now NAB want to take his house. Elliot has put six years of his life into this. NAB and the other banks are in big trouble if Elliot can set an important precedent.

ASIC - A Toothless Tiger Or Part Of The Banker's Protection Racket?

ASIC Whistleblower James Wheeldon explains why our key corporate regulator condones  and encourages unethical and unlawful behaviour. It means we are not served by the agency that is supposed to prevent white collar crime and the flow on damage to businesses and families.

NAB Gives A False Promise And Takes A Lifetime's Work

Kim Hall has experienced the dark side of NAB's business model. He was promised funding for his redevelopment but it was a set up. At the critical moment funding was withdrawn. The land was taken. NAB refused to give it back even when Kim had arranged alternative financing. NAB - Ultimate Unconscionable Banking Inc.

Tony Abbott - Will You Help Bring Essential Changes Via The G20?

2014 – Australia hosts the G20: Bank Reform Now encourages Prime Minister Tony Abbott to put serious discussions on the table at the G20 meetings regarding - Finance and Central Banks. Meetings scheduled this year in Sydney (February 22nd – 23rd), Melbourne (June 22nd – 23rd), Cairns (September 18th – 21st) and Brisbane for the final communique (November 12th – 15th).

NAB - Still Harming Customers

Dr Evan Jones reports on NAB's way of doing business. Why isn't this information on the front pages of our newspapers? Why are our politicians not acting in the people's interests?

Bank Conduct Must Be Properly Investigated

Governments allow bankers to get away with criminal activity because the penalties are far less than the proceeds of the crimes. Serious bank crimes require serious penalties.

ASIC Moves - But Too Little & Too Late. Reform Is Needed

The bank's compensation system encouraged criminal behaviour. CBA Whistleblower Jeff Morris exposes the corrupt financial planning division of the bank.

Important! The Troiani Case Against NAB.

There are hundreds of NAB related cases and articles you could read which show how you and your family will benefit by supporting the Bank Reform Now protest movement. If you only have time to read one of the cases - please just read the letter shown below. This clearly shows why Bank Reform Now is needed and why - with your support - we will not stop the campaign until the important precedent is set .... and we all win against corrupt banking behaviour.

Judges Guilty Of Doctoring Court Transcripts

August 2012 - Queensland Government aims to close down the State Reporting Bureau and to outsource the recording and production of transcripts for Queensland court proceedings - Dr Evan Jones reports

Bank Corruption - Unchecked By Government And Its Regulators

There is plenty of evidence of corrupt - predatory bank behaviour but the government turns a blind eye. Evan Jones exposes the racket and how it damages people and businesses.


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