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Find the latest news and stories about banks caught out in illegal and corrupt activity from around the world.

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IOOF Scandal Demands A Royal Commision

Millions of Australian rely on advisers, banks, financial firms and superannuation funds to behave ethically and lawfully. Unfortunately recent events show that predatory business practices are common and causing great harm to bank clients. The move toward a proper Royal Commission is now inevitable.


Greece - The Hidden Truth

According to mainstream media, the current economic crisis in Greece is due to the government spending too much money on its people that it went broke. This claim however, is a lie. It was the banks that wrecked the country so oligarchs and international corporations could benefit.


NAB Defeated In Court

NAB tried to argue that the industry's self-regulatory Banking Code of Practice has no legal effect. Judge lashes NAB's attitude and states the code has contractual force, and that, because NAB breached it, the bank could not recoup $6 million in loan guarantees for a series of failed Gold Coast property investments.


NAB Hit With Huge Fines

NAB's bad behaviour in Britain raises broader questions about its culture, including its compensation process and complaints handling in Australia.

The scandals at Clydesdale raise more questions about NAB's behaviour at home

Senate Calls In The Bank Bosses

Four of the country's richest corporate executives have apologised at a Senate inquiry, after reigning over a culture at Australia's biggest banks that allowed unscrupulous financial advisers to peddle risky investments to clients.


Iceland Leads The Way To Honest Banking

Report identifies corrupt monetary system as root cause of financial crises. Iceland may take away the power of private bankers to issue money. Under the so-called Sovereign Money proposal, the country's central bank would become the only creator of money. This is the banking cartels worst nightmare but it must be done.


Corrupt Aussie Banks Exposed

NAB profits from predatory and unconscionable business practices. Governments know all about it yet refuse to take action. Evan Jones explains the racket.


Dastyari On Warpath - NAB UK Scandal Trigger Reform In Oz

Senator Sam Dastyari enlists the help of UK Government in battle to clean up NAB.


NAB Crimes Uncovered In UK & Australia

NAB UK operation just as corrupt as the Australian. Thousands ripped off. Billions could be required in compensation payments.

NAB-Cydesdale Rip Off

NAB Crimes Exposed By Victims

NAB says it's cleaned up its act after claims of dodgy financial advice but now the bank's victims are coming forward with tragic stories about the impact on their lives.


NAB UK Operation - Toxic

NAB CEO Andrew Thorburn will have great difficulty selling NAB's scandal ridden UK operation. Toxic loan products have led to massive damages payments to ripped off customers.


NAB Not To Be Trusted - Latest Disaster Damages Bank Brand

NAB denies systemic crimes in its Wealth division. No-one believes the bank. The case for a Royal Commission is now rock solid.


NAB Star Performers Out Of Control Due To Failed Regulator

NAB financial planners as bad or worse than CBA's. Fraud and forgery uncovered by whistleblower leaks. Bank pays out victims to silence them and then pays out planners without reporting them to ASIC - allowing them to move to other companies to keep the same scams running.


ASIC's Failure Means Royal Commission Is Now Urgent

The banks are running an organised crime racket. Staff, financial planners, valuers, lawyers, liquidators, Courts are all involved in a well oiled machine which is designed to work against the client's interests simply to enrich each cog in the machine. This is crime on a grand scale. Reform is long overdue.


NAB Fraud & Forgery Revealed In Damaging Leaks

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NAB Revelations Bolster Case For a Royal Commission

The expose of NAB fraud and forgery in their NAB Wealth planning operation continues. It can only lead to a Royal Commission .... but it must be wide-ranging with extraordinary powers. It should look at the banks and the system in full - not just the financial planning arms.

NAB feeling the heat

NAB Alters ASIC Media Release

Yet another example of ASIC performing in a biased fashion - favouring corporate players that are abusing their position of power. NAB given the opportunity to modify an ASIC press release critical of the bank and a system error which cost clients millions of dollars.

ASIC and The Big End Of Town

NAB Takes Years To Pay Compensation After Investment Nightmare

Jeff Morris helps NAB victim Veronica Coulston get justice - eventually. How can other victims hope for success without an expert helping them? The only way is for the government to take bank crimes seriously.

NAB Rips Off Veronica Coulston

Forgery, Sackings And Millions In Compensation: NAB Under Fire Over Financial Planners

It wasn't only in the UK that NAB was ripping off clients. 100s of Million of Dollars compensation could be required to compensate Aussie victims of NAB planners

Jeff Morris - Financial Advice Scandal

Whistleblower's NAB Leak Reveals Persistent Bad Behaviour

NAB's financial advice arm has been infected with some of the same contagions as CBA's – forged client signatures, fraudulent file reconstructions, and poor advice leading to compensation payouts for some clients – underscores the problems festering in  Australia's financial advice industry.

NAB Lootman and Robbin' - Clyne & Thorburn

Australia - Paradise For Control Fraud

The performance of ASIC in regulating financial fraud remains under question, despite Chairman Greg Medcraft’s recanted statement that Australia is a “paradise” for white-collar criminals. Philip Soos gives a clear explanation of how banks use crooked accounting to steal money from customers and shareholders. Control Fraud is the name of the game.  Why do our politicians allow this to damage our economy and our people?


NAB High Court Case Pending Regarding Loan Payout Abuses

Elliot Sgargetta - in a David versus Goliath battle - Seeking his day in the High Court to find justice against NAB - the bank that tried to force a trapped customer to pay an extra $24,000 on a loan payout. Now NAB want to take his house. Elliot has put six years of his life into this. NAB and the other banks are in big trouble if Elliot can set an important precedent.

NAB - Attacking Clients For Extra Money

ASIC - AWOL - Missing In Inaction

ASIC Whistleblower James Wheeldon explains why our key corporate regulator condones  and encourages unethical and unlawful behaviour. It means we are not served by the agency that is supposed to prevent white collar crime and the flow on damage to businesses and families.

ASIC Toothless

Dr Brandson's Blog

Be inspired by founder Dr Peter Brandson's thoughts and opinions, shedding light on the bigger picture of bank corruption and how it damages people's lives.

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The Debt Cult - PM Abbott Must Destroy It

Dr Peter Brandson - CEO of Bank Reform Now calls on Mr Abbott  to take action against the Debt Cult - significant threat to our people and our nation.


False Valuations - Another NAB Predatory Practice Exposed

NAB's Advantedge group has used falsified property valuations to give out unaffordable loans. This is unconscionable and must be stopped.

NAB_fake _valuation_property

Right To Life - Critical For A Civilised Society

Bank Reform Now CEO suggests a way for Indonesia to save Andrew and Myuran - and perhaps improve the lives of many more of us. He clearly explains that the real criminals are not being jailed. Much of the proceeds of drug crimes are laundered and skimmed by corporate interests - specifically criminal banking. Respecting the Right To Life is a critical first step to improve the lives of the bulk of the world's population.

Change our ways to change the world

A New World .... Odour. G20 Coverup - Rather Than Clean Up

The Main Game was all but ignored. A great opportunity to change the way economies and finance systems operate was missed. Politicians are working in the interests of powerful corporate interests. People need to become informed and then take appropriate action.


G20 Australia 2014 - Seize This Golden Opportunity For Reform

The G20 meeting in 2014 is a great opportunity to have critically important issues sorted out to help avoid further global financial turmoil. Will world leaders rise to the occasion - or will they continue to protect corporate criminals?


Bank CEOs Desperate To Stop Reform

Honest banking will not bring in the super profits they are enjoying right now. Bankers must adapt to a new way of doing business. The can no longer treat customers as victims to be fleeced of as much money as possible.


NAB - Not Off The Hook In Criminal Banking Debacle

NAB was facing a massive loss on a company it had funded. The company was trading insolvent and was soon to default and likely go bankrupt. So how did NAB manage its exposure and risk? Well it did what any crime syndicate would do. It found a victim with assets - a farmer - Malcolm Taylor - and then by using fraud and deception got Malcolm to borrow against his farms to purchase the doomed company. A shocking case illustrating how NAB operates.


NAB - The Dark Side Of Banking Exposed

NAB's predatory ways can badly affect a person who guarantees a contact's loan. This article points our the dangers of being a guarantor - especially for a loan involving NAB.


Bank Reform Now Seeks Help From PM

2014 sees Australia host the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bankers. Bank Reform Now CEO Dr Peter Brandson seeks the help of Prime Minister Tony Abbott to place meaningful reform on the agenda.


NAB Breaking The Law On Payout Requirements

Elliot is determined to set a precedent against NAB that will make the banks more accountable for their actions. NAB flouts the law regarding loan payout requests - thanks to Elliot's determination and persistence the law finally takes action against NAB.


Elder Abuse Alert: NAB Caught Out (Again) - Altered Loan Documents

75 year old asbestosis sufferer Spencer Murray was set up and taken down by the National Australia Bank. By deliberately creating and using falsified Loan Application Forms the bank committed a crime but expects Spencer to pay ..... by giving his house to NAB. Spencer says "no way -  come and take it - but show me legal and valid documentation proving your case first."


Bank Reform Now: Pre-Launch Update

As Bank Reform Now readies for launch the response to preliminary media appearances has been phenomenal. BRN has been inundated with horrific stories of unconscionable, predatory and corrupt bank behaviour. The people will soon have the opportunity to speak with one voice and united we will demand change.

CBA Bank Victim - Expresses the pain via art. Copyright image - Annette Leeder

Bank Reform Now - The Business - ABC

Neil Woolrich from ABC TV's The Business - Gets the facts about NAB and the need for the Bank Reform Now campaign.

The Business ABC

BRN In The Media

Collection of articles, stories and multi-media presentations about Bank Reform Now.

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NAB Exposed For Predatory Lending ..... Again

After years of preparation Dr Peter Brandson is about to launch the Bank Reform Now campaign. Triggered by his experience of NAB and its predatory lending the campaign aims to reform the way banks operate. Initially focusing on NAB the campaign will extend to the whole industry. Banks will no longer get away with fraud and deception. The government will not be able to resist the call for reform. The campaign aims to harness people power in a way seldom seen in Australian politics.

Doctor Gives Away Family Home

NAB Involved In Yet Another Predatory Lending Scandal

NAB has proven to be one of the most predatory of the Australian banks. Founder and CEO of Bank Reform Now - Dr Peter Brandson - has created the very first massive co-ordinated campaign against criminal banking practices. "Too many people's lives have been destroyed by dodgy bank behaviour - the government has refused to help us. It is time for the people to take the matter into their own hands."

NAB Predatory Loans Bank Reform Now

NAB - Named And Shamed In The Senate

Despite shocking evidence showing NAB's predatory practices - NAB has refused to face its victims and accusers in the Senate.

NAB King Pin a no show at Senate

Bank Reform Now - Begins

Years after NAB used Predatory Lending against Dr Brandson's family Bank Reform Now formed to take on the banks - one at a time. NAB is first. Carmen McIntosh explains why.

BRN Launches


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