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Be inspired by founder Dr Peter Brandson's thoughts and opinions, shedding light on the bigger picture of bank corruption and how it damages people's lives.

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The Happy ALP Family Launches Its Bid For Election 2016

Promises, promises  - my, my - how these politicians make such great promises. What we need to see is great policies put into practice. Shorten can promise anything because he knows he won't win the election. Any politician can promise a Royal Commission - especially if he won't have to deliver it. The trick is to get fair dinkum one in place .... and that will only happen if the people join in with an effective grass roots campaign and take massive action at just the right time - and that time is just months away.


Turnbull - Gold Digging With Wran & Mossack Fonseca

Our Prime Minister has some skeletons in the closet. Pity mainstream media doesn't dig a bit deeper .... on both sides of the political divide.


NAB Heading To Court Over Rate Rigging Rip Off

NAB is now the third of the Aussie Big Four to be charged with these serious offences - unconscionable conduct and market manipulation in the way it set a key interest rate. The other two are ANZ and Westpac.


Royal Commission Into Banking - The Time Has Come

Aussie bank CEOs do not want their banks and staff exposed by a powerful Royal Commission. Tough luck - since when do crooks decide whether they should be held to account?


Banks Keen To Terminate Cash ... Watch Out

Have you got the feeling that your rights to privacy and property have been under attack? See how the move to ban cash impacts you and your family's rights.


7 Steps To Genuine Reform

Private bankers have abused the powers they have stolen. It is time for nations of freedom loving people to take back their Constitutional right to create credit. The current debt based system is corrupt and unsustainable.

Too-much-wealth-in too-few hands

Paris Attacked

Too many groups are getting a payoff from the tragedies and chaos we are regularly seeing. Is it really too difficult for world leaders to help us all live in peaceful, civilised freedom?


Ex-Goldman Sachs Banker Snatches Leadership Of Australia

Malcolm Turnbull has removed a serving first term Prime Minister. Analysis of his past dealing will show exactly where his loyalties lie. As will analysis of his previous employer Goldman Sachs.

Does-he-lead-for- the people?

Sick of feeling stressed?

There are more slaves now than at any other time in history. Seven suicides a day in Australia. Domestic violence, family breakdown, widespread debt, substance abuse - the world seems to be going crazy. Are we living in a pathological society?


The Debt Cult - PM Abbott Must Destroy It

Dr Peter Brandson - CEO of Bank Reform Now calls on Mr Abbott  to take action against the Debt Cult - significant threat to our people and our nation.


False Valuations - Another NAB Predatory Practice Exposed

NAB's Advantedge group has used falsified property valuations to give out unaffordable loans. This is unconscionable and must be stopped.

NAB_fake _valuation_property

Right To Life - Critical For A Civilised Society

Bank Reform Now CEO suggests a way for Indonesia to save Andrew and Myuran - and perhaps improve the lives of many more of us. He clearly explains that the real criminals are not being jailed. Much of the proceeds of drug crimes are laundered and skimmed by corporate interests - specifically criminal banking. Respecting the Right To Life is a critical first step to improve the lives of the bulk of the world's population.

Change our ways to change the world

A New World .... Odour. G20 Coverup - Rather Than Clean Up

The Main Game was all but ignored. A great opportunity to change the way economies and finance systems operate was missed. Politicians are working in the interests of powerful corporate interests. People need to become informed and then take appropriate action.


G20 Australia 2014 - Seize This Golden Opportunity For Reform

The G20 meeting in 2014 is a great opportunity to have critically important issues sorted out to help avoid further global financial turmoil. Will world leaders rise to the occasion - or will they continue to protect corporate criminals?


Bank CEOs Desperate To Stop Reform

Honest banking will not bring in the super profits they are enjoying right now. Bankers must adapt to a new way of doing business. The can no longer treat customers as victims to be fleeced of as much money as possible.


NAB - Not Off The Hook In Criminal Banking Debacle

NAB was facing a massive loss on a company it had funded. The company was trading insolvent and was soon to default and likely go bankrupt. So how did NAB manage its exposure and risk? Well it did what any crime syndicate would do. It found a victim with assets - a farmer - Malcolm Taylor - and then by using fraud and deception got Malcolm to borrow against his farms to purchase the doomed company. A shocking case illustrating how NAB operates.


NAB - The Dark Side Of Banking Exposed

NAB's predatory ways can badly affect a person who guarantees a contact's loan. This article points our the dangers of being a guarantor - especially for a loan involving NAB.


Bank Reform Now Seeks Help From PM

2014 sees Australia host the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bankers. Bank Reform Now CEO Dr Peter Brandson seeks the help of Prime Minister Tony Abbott to place meaningful reform on the agenda.


NAB Breaking The Law On Payout Requirements

Elliot is determined to set a precedent against NAB that will make the banks more accountable for their actions. NAB flouts the law regarding loan payout requests - thanks to Elliot's determination and persistence the law finally takes action against NAB.


Elder Abuse Alert: NAB Caught Out (Again) - Altered Loan Documents

75 year old asbestosis sufferer Spencer Murray was set up and taken down by the National Australia Bank. By deliberately creating and using falsified Loan Application Forms the bank committed a crime but expects Spencer to pay ..... by giving his house to NAB. Spencer says "no way -  come and take it - but show me legal and valid documentation proving your case first."


Bank Reform Now: Pre-Launch Update

As Bank Reform Now readies for launch the response to preliminary media appearances has been phenomenal. BRN has been inundated with horrific stories of unconscionable, predatory and corrupt bank behaviour. The people will soon have the opportunity to speak with one voice and united we will demand change.

CBA Bank Victim - Expresses the pain via art. Copyright image - Annette Leeder

Bank Reform Now - The Business - ABC

Neil Woolrich from ABC TV's The Business - Gets the facts about NAB and the need for the Bank Reform Now campaign.

The Business ABC

Help Wanted - We Need A YouTube Clip

Dr Brandson is asking people from right around the world to join in and help create a YouTube clip that will show everyone the way NAB operates. Spread the word - your clip could go viral - and help reform the way banks operate.


Senate Inquiry Shields NAB

Enough is enough! Although there has been some great public exposure about bad banking practices crippling individuals, families and businesses, with many well documented cases, it seems nothing much is getting done about this important issue that affects everyone.

Bank Reform Now's campaign enables all of us to join together and help stop bank rip offs. Unless we join together and target one bank at a time - not much is likely to happen to change the damage being done to all of us. BRN will show you why we must act and what action we need to take.

Australian Senate Enquiry NAB Banking

Dr Brandson's - Letter to Supporters

Dr Brandson writes to supporters, friends and colleagues just prior to launching the Bank Reform Now movement and campaign. Phase 1 of the campaign is to expose the way NAB uses predatory lending to enrich itself while causing immense personal and societal damage.


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Depression Help

Financial stress can often result in depression and anxiety. The emotional turmoil you feel can lead to problems in relationships - at work, with friends and in the family. It is important to know you are not alone and that you may need help to manage these feelings. Dr Brandson shares some tips and resources in this article.


How Banks Run (& Ruin) Our World

Banking as we have come to know it is a criminal operation. Once you understand the system you will want to see it changed.

Pyramid Scheme - Banking


Bank Victims Horror Stories

From Extend RC Parliament Event
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Should bank CEOs and loan officers face asset seizures and jail terms for criminal banking practices?

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