A Luxury House - From as little as $2.60....!!

South Coast Doctor - Runs Out Of Patience

Dr Brandson has had enough of NAB's corrupt business practices. Years after NAB used predatory lending to attack his family Dr Brandson launches a campaign to help seek justice for himself and everyone else harmed by criminal bank business tactics.

National Australia Bank Scandal Exposed

One campaign supporter will be given the $2.6 Million home that NAB tried to take.


Luxury South Coast NSW house giveaway

Dr Brandson has seen the emotional, physical and financial damage caused by bad bank behaviour. Because he has the strength and ability to do it - he has decided to take up the battle for those of us that cannot fight back. Please join him in this battle.

One of you will be given the house in Batemans Bay that NAB very harshly - and without justification - tried to repossess from the Brandson family. It is a beautiful property - and you could have it by joining in with the BRN campaign.

Once he doesn't have to worry about NAB directly settling the dispute he is freed up to lead this campaign. We would appreciate every person contributing from as little as $2.60 today. Each donation contributes to the BRN campaign that will lead to  NAB and the other banks changing their ways - and will give you the opportunity to own the house.

And - Bank Reform Now wants to also reward customers or bank staff who provide us with significant examples of bank fraud. More details to be released as the campaign grows. Rest assured - the other banks will also feel the heat.

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Dr Brandson's full story can be seen by following the link below.

This campaign will continue until every Australian is protected from criminal and corrupt bank behaviour.

Join us - and with your help we will set the Precedent that will stop the banks ripping us all off.

BRN Supporters - This House Could Be Yours!

From the beginnings of BRN in 2014, the campaign has just now (Nov 2016) officially started after 2 hard years of tireless work!

This luxury family home, on the NSW South Coast Australia, will be gifted to one of Bank Reform Now supporters.

The giveaway is just one part of the Bank Reform Now campaign (which officially launched in Nov 2016), and is available to eligible & active supporters who elect the "giveaway option" when making a donation via the website Donation page.

Your donation will help support BRN's work to Expose The Lies - Stop The Corruption - Deliver Justice., enable on-giving to victims of bad banking practices and Mental Health services and help make you eligible to be gifted this coastal house (with a replacement value of $2.6M) - from as little as $2.60.

Top 4 Australian Banks - Under Scrutiny

AU Banks want much more than just the farm!
  - The world knows it, but do the people of Australia know it?
It's time to spread the word.

Flush and Dominant, Australia’s Banks Come Under Pressure

There is "...a growing storm in Australia over the size, power and conduct of the country’s four big banks."

"Long politically protected and immensely profitable, Australia’s big banks are now facing the biggest public outcry in a generation..."

"... Australia stands out. At a time when the world is considering what to do about banks that are too big to fail, Australia offers a glimpse of just how big — and how dominant — they can become."
Quoting From NY Times Article By A. ODYSSEUS PATRICK OCT. 14, 2016

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Should bank CEOs and loan officers face asset seizures and jail terms for criminal banking practices?

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